SymbioticA Biotech workshop

SymbioticAWorkshop09_mg_4815_sm In November 2009, we held a 5 day intensive workshop in the 'digital wet laboratories' in the School of Applied Science (Biosciences) at RMIT. The workshop was designed and run by Oron Catts and Greg Cozens, of SymbioticA. The workshop is an introduction to biological techniques and issues surrounding the manipulation of living systems. Artists, designers and researchers from various disciplines engage in the biological science lab to utilise language and techniques into their practice and research. Through applied ‘hands-on’ methods, the broader philosophical and ethical implications of human intervention with other living things will be explored. The workshop is part of the ARC Discovery research project we are doing. Regular posts were made to the Plastic Futures blog, where there will also be a twitter feed for any of the participants who engage in such practices. A day by day account can be found in here: Plastic Futures