This project explored the RMIT Design Hub building – our research environment – through a direct, material dialogue involving installations and other creative projects that engaged with and were installed in the building..

Research began with a workshop held at the Design Hub in June 2013.  The momentum of this workshop moved into a group exhibition seven weeks later, consisting of works produced to act with or in response to the building.

Projects exhibited were produced  by Chris Cottrell, Scott Andrew Elliott and Olivia Pintos–Lopez, James Carey, Zuzana Kovar, Nick Skepper, Pia Ednie-Brown, Jondi Keane and Adele Varcoe. The exhibition was curated by Pia Ednie-Brown.

The exhibition was supported by a residency funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, through the Immediations project, by the RMIT Design Hub, and by RMIT's School of Architecture and Design. 





Video documentation of installations by Chris Cottrell, Olivia Pintos-Lopez, and Scott Andrew Elliott in the Building Movements exhibition, July 2013.

Photography by Georgina Matherson.