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Avery Green



Avery Green the house-person (see TED talk)

Avery Green is the name of a Victorian terrace house, built around 1895. The house has been named as such only recently, as part of a process of renovating and extending, and as part of constructing a new lease of life for the house. This process involves developing her character, with the many qualities that characters always bring to the table.

This unashamedly anthropomorphic approach to a house extension project is being adopted as a question: what might it mean for a design project to be treated as a person, rather than just something made for people? Can this make a positive difference to the power of the ‘thing’, the entity that is called both ‘a house’ and Avery Green? The project explores many other concepts, ideas and processes that play an important role, such as sympathy, casting, regulations, animality and greenhouses. However, these are not ‘applied’ in instrumental ways, but sit as ‘resonant things’ inside the design process – a cast of characters – informing each other and the construction of Avery Green.

Web site here: averygreen.org