Avery Green subject of Book Chapter.


An extended account of the experience of working with Avery Green has just been published as a book chapter titled ‘A Vital, Architectural Materialism; a House-person’s Escape from the Anthropocentric’, in Architectural Materialisms: Nonhuman Creativity, Maria Voyatsaki (ed), Edinburgh University Press. 2018.

The essay explores the idea of ‘person’ and ‘personality’ and how this might work in the case of house, such as Avery Green. It explores the dangers of anthropomorphism and how to avoid those dangers, the indispensable involvement of anthropomorphism in approaching a house as a person, and how this all works against anthropocentrism.

There are accounts of the process of renovating and extending, and how this became a way to tap into a deep temporal/geological history in which Avery Green remains implicated.