Avery & Jane taking part in Workaround

The Jane Approach  will be developed and further explored with a group of talented co-explorers in a online broadcast and a program of live events, called WORKAROUND, going to air on Saturday July 28, between 12 and 5pm. Just come along, and/or REGISTER HERE.

Co-creators include: Annie Bolitho, Fiona Harrisson, Jondi Keane, Gina Moore, Francesca Mountfort, Peta Murray, Caitlyn Parry and Mattie Sempert.

Avery Green's transformation was the first 'event' through which The Jane Approach was developed – as a sister project.  Avery Green will be discussed during STORY-TIME, between 12.45 and 2.15 (see schedule in flyer below), alongside a series of four stories about different houses/places. 

There will be live drawing, making, cello playing, readings, video, holoLens clay moulding, digital animating... 

WA_Episode 4_Pia Ednie-Brown_Flyer.png



Coming exhibition

 exhibition plan in-the-making

exhibition plan in-the-making

Very excited to announce that Avery Green and her friends are developing an exhibition of works that will be open to the public for a short period of three days between June 17th and June 19th. This will involve an exposition of artefacts that celebrate and bear witness to the intertwinements that constitute a house-person, including works produced by those creative individuals who have lived with her.

(an alphabetical order)
Aphra Ednie-Brown
Pia Ednie-Brown
Avery Green
Bianca Hester
Sean Hogan
Jondi Keane
Louisa King
Gina Moore
Saskia Schut

Times and details will be posted soon.